Content Management

content managementThe preferred form of reputation management these days comes in the form of publishing content. You could say the old concept of article marketing is being revamped to help people or businesses suffering from reputation damage.

An example of article marketing would be publishing a material for a personal trainer or health and fitness facility on topics such as “How to Perform a Proper Bench Press” or “A Beginner’s Guide to Interval Training” with the goal of leading people to want to patronize the trainer or business linked to in the article.

The basic concept of article marketing is retained with reputation management. Information is disseminated online to connect a thoughtful article to the person or entity being promoted via the article. The difference here is, with reputation management, more content may be dedicated to the background of the person or business being promoted. A link to a website won’t be enough. The article has to tie directly to the person/business to a significant degree because the new article is designed to help offset the negativity already published elsewhere online.

Also, the articles are not published solely for the purpose of building links and helping promote a website in the search engine ranking. Rather, the articles are designed to help change perceptions and improve branding.

Of course, publishing numerous articles of this nature do affect the search engines results in various ways. The mere fact all published articles end up being indexed by the search engine has an impact on the problematic content. The previously published harmful content may be moved out of the way by the new content.

And then there is another type of published content that could prove very helpful to those hoping to improve their reputation: public relations article writing.

content managementGoing back to the personal trainer and fitness center example, a business could offer a special program to help address childhood obesity or to raise awareness about cancer. A press release is then written that chronicles these positive things. The press release is discussed and linked in a host of articles.

The value of this strategy is obvious. The positive things a business is involved with end up being promoted online. The good nature of a reputation ends up getting necessary publicity and this helps change the way people perceive the subject of the press release.