Water Sports Equals A Happy Summer

Water Sports Equals A Happy Summer

Now that summer is upon us, our thoughts turn to outdoor activities like water sports. There are many sports that will appeal to anyone at any age and for any skill level. The water sport that many people seem to enjoy both in bays and the ocean is water skiing. This sport, though, has inherent dangers. One needs to make sure that if you are in the ocean that the path is far away enough from jetties, other skiers, and other boats. In New Jersey, water skiing is regulated by state law. The boat used for this must meet all the regulations in the boater’s manual and for each six children, there must be at least one adult to supervise them. You can’t ski between dusk and dawn and you can’t ski where there is debris in the water.

There are many places in New Jersey to parasail. This is not a very expensive sport. The pricing I have found in New Jersey is about fifty dollars and you get a video of your sailing adventure, too! All one does is take off from a dock or land, take your flight around the ocean and bay and you land on another boat. Parasailing in New Jersey is regulated by state boating(boat accessories) regulations, the FAA because you are occupying airspace and the United States Coast Guard.

Another sports one can engage in is tubing. This is a fun sport for children because of the relative lack of skill required. One can go tubing in a creek or stream and many amusement parks actually have water tubing as part of their rides. A variation of tubing is water tubing, the tube is tied the stern cleets of a boat and the rider can be pulled through the stream, creek or even the ocean. Like water skiing, avoid contact with jetties, other boats, and other tubers(towables).

In Florida, jet skiing is very popular, if you don’t mind the speed. Jet skiing can be very dangerous, so the equipment must absolutely be in top shape. Another popular sport for children and adults is salt water and fresh water fishing. A note about fishing…check the regulations. Without a license, once can join a chartered boat and fish in salt water or fresh water. In some areas, there are regulations about the size and quantity of fish you can take home. In New Jersey, you have to have a license to fish, keep and sell the fish you catch because you are functioning as a for profit entity.

Have a great summer! Sponsored by subwing.